APMP Certification

Association for Proposal Management Professionals

The Association for Proposal Management Professionals [APMP] is the most influential worldwide network of bid and proposal professionals.

APMP Certified Foundation

ProposalPro have been part of the Association for Project Management Professionals since our inception in 2008.

All ProposalPro consultants are APMP Certified, and work to industry best practices from the Association for proposal development, writing, strategy, win themes and pursuit support. APMP is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations. We are proud to have undertaken our training through the Association.


What APMP certification means for our clients

    Our consultants engage in continuous professional development to maintain their APMP Certification, ensuring they are familiar with ongoing trends and evolving knowledge in our industry.

    Our Principal Consultant, Roz Misiani, is one of only 45 APMP Certified Practitioners across Australia & New Zealand (as of June 2023)

When you work with ProposalPro, you can rest assured that your proposals are being prepared by highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists in their field, who are at the frontline of international best-practice. We are committed to driving continuous improvement in proposal management.