"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.​"

— Vince Lombardi

How do you deal with the confidentiality of our company information?

Correspondence and documentation is treated as strictly confidential between ProposalPro and the client. Non‐Disclosure Agreements are provided before the commencement of work.

What if ProposalPro are asked by our competitor to work on the same tender?

We are bound by a Code of Ethics that does not permit us to work on the same tender for competing businesses. The first company to engage ProposalPro will have the exclusive advantage. Contact us for a copy of our Code of Practice.

What does it cost for ProposalPro to write my tender?

Each tender is different, and your requirements will not be generic - so neither are our fees.

What makes a tender win?

We do! But in all seriousness, the Tender Review Panel will assess your bid for compliance and responsiveness. Every tender needs compelling differentiators and a winning strategy. Our team has decades of expertise in this area, and we know how to maximise your chance of success.

What if I want to bid more than one tender?

We can help with that. Our team can support multiple bids, and we also offer bid/no bid advice. Contact us for free bid | no bid Advice.

How will we plan the workload, assign portions and schedule the meetings?

This is what we do! ProposalPro use allocation plans, programs and proforma checklists to ensure the process moves towards the finish line as smoothly as possible . We schedule meetings around your day job and manage the team.