Meet the Team

"If you're confused about what to do, it's a sign that your enemy is winning."

— Toba Beta

Roz Misiani | ProposalPro
Roz Misiani

Principal Bid Consultant

ProposalPro Principal Roz Misiani is a Project Manager, formally trained in government tender evaluation strategies, and educated in commercial law, commerce, marketing and mediation. She is accredited by the Association for Proposal Management Professionals to Practitioner Level. She has provided business development, tender writing and tender management services to government and industry since 1998.

Roz has produced hundreds of tenders for a broad range of business entities and government organisations, from small quotes to multi-million-dollar multi-staged submissions. She has experience producing tenders on behalf of prime and subcontractors, joint ventures and consortiums.

Lesley Smith | ProposalPro
Lesley Smith

Bid Coordinator

Nothing gets past Lesley! She specialises in bid development and tender compliance. She is an avid reader and loves to find and correct errors. She joined the ProposalPro team in 2018 and knows what it takes to win. She has received formal tender training and holds tertiary education in business and leadership.

Lesley's background includes 20 years in the legal sector, so it's no wonder her fine attention to detail and typo-spotting is second nature.

Always busy behind the scenes, Lesley's ability to run our office, work to APMP best-practice, proofread everyone's work, research ideas and win themes, and coordinate our bid team is apparent in every fine detail of our tenders.

As part of the bid team, she starts off your bid process by liaising with you to gather initial information, beginning what will be your winning tender submission.

Lara Silbert | ProposalPro
Lara Silbert

Bid Consultant

Bid Consultant enthusiast Lara is APMP accredited and has been in the proposal and grant writing sector since 2016. She assists clients by writing and compiling high-quality bid documents, ensuring that each tender is fully compliant and tells a great story.

Her passion is planning content and researching statistics. Lara's interests include equity economics and gender economics, particularly surrounding labour market participation and venture creation among disadvantaged groups. Lara has completed her Master of Strategic Communication and, more recently, her Master of Business Administration.

Adrian Caswell | ProposalPro
Adrian Casswell

Graphic Design

Adrian is a highly experienced graphic designer, specialising in branding, corporate graphics, submissions, 3D visualisation and illustration. Adrian draws on over 20 years of experience covering many sectors, including construction, mining, rail, civil, local government and non-for-profit organisations. Over the past three years, he has lectured on Graphic Design and 3D Visualisation at Curtin University.

Adrian's graphic design expertise adds that extra touch to your tender, making it stand out from the rest.