Announcing our partnership with Australian Tenders

ProposalPro are pleased to announce our partnership with Australian Tenders, a tender search company acting as a ‘central repository’ for tender opportunities. Australian Tenders is dedicated to helping Australian and New Zealand companies find and secure new business opportunities, and has thousands of listings on its database across all industries, spanning public and private RFTs, RFQs and more.

Email alerts are sent to subscribers each day that new tenders in their chosen categories are published. You can search tenders at their website,, and can also advertise a tender on their site for your business.
Promo Code: $100 Off
We’re delighted as an Australian Tenders partner to provide you with a unique discount code which will give your organisation $100 off any yearly subscription with Australian Tenders – just enter PRO24 at checkout.
Visit the Australian Tenders website to learn more.

Why Australian Tenders?

Here at ProposalPro, we often speak to Australian businesses who are new to tenders, and unsure how to start or where to find opportunities. Business owners often report finding out about a tender when it’s already near its deadline, and scrambling to – or failing to – prepare a robust tender response in time. Of course, many more businesses may have not realised a tender opportunity was open in the first place.

Tender search is an important part of the tendering process, and we’re excited that Australian Tenders makes this process less cumbersome and helps businesses be prepared to hit the ground running – win-wins for everyone!

Why ProposalPro?

Only the best bids win contracts, and bid management involves a diverse skillset spanning strategic planning; project management; marketing; communications and much more. Our mulitidisciplinary team of bid management and consulting professionals do far more than ‘just writing’ – we are all APMP-accredited proposal management specialists, following proven international best-practice in tenders, bids and grants.

Since 2008, ProposalPro has worked with companies in all industries, from multinational ASX-listed corporates to microbusinesses. We are proud to have supported our clients to win work totalling more than $10 billion in contract value.

WA businesseses helping business

ProposalPro and Australian Tenders are both Perth-based businesses making waves to support businesses to find and apply for bids, tenders and grants with confidence. We’re delighted to collaborate together to support our clients to win.

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