Win More Grants By Understanding Your Funder

Having a deep understanding of funder dynamics can make or break a grant application. In this article, we explore why it is crucial for grantseekers to understand funder’s stated and unstated priorities and concerns, so you can appeal to their heads and heart – and how grantseekers can achieve this understanding.

Top 5 Tips for Better Tendering

Tendering (when done well) is a cornerstone of business growth; it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Learn how to reduce tendering headaches with ProposalPro!

The Key To Winning Grants: Compliant, Competitive Grant Writing

Our most important tip for grant writers and grant-seekers to know is at the heart of every successful grant application. It’s ever-so-simple, yet so often the reason why grant applications fail. Find out why compliance and competitiveness are key to winning grants.

Announcing our partnership with Australian Tenders

Australian Tenders

ProposalPro are pleased to announce our partnership with Australian Tenders. With AT, you’ll never miss another tender opportunity – find out how and why, and use our unique discount code for $100 off any yearly subscription.

A Guide to Grants and Funding – WA

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Expert advice about navigating grants and funding for businesses, NFPs and social purpose orgs. Useful links, tips & tricks, top opportunities for Western Australian businesses and organisations, and more.