How to Project-Manage Your Grant by Tracking Progress and Setting Internal Deadlines

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The process of applying for grants often feels like navigating through a maze of tight deadlines, complex requirements, and expectations – all with the risk that one missing document or piece of information can lead to a grant proposal being rejected outright.
Gathering the various information you need to bring together a winning grant application often requires liaising with subject matter experts who have other competing priorities – so how do you balance everything to ensure smooth progress towards your looming deadline?

How Grant Writers Can Demonstrate Capabilities

Winning grant funding isn’t just about a great idea: even the best idea will almost certainly fall flat if the funder isn’t confident in the capabilities of your organisation and its key personnel.
NFPs and social purpose organisations do so much great work, but do you know how to talk about what you do?

The Art of Persuasive Grant Writing

Grant writing is more than just a technical exercise; persuasive storytelling is key. The best grant writers weave a compelling narrative that captivates grant funders, aligns with their objectives, and inspires them to invest in your project or cause. To stand out in a sea of proposals, grant writers must master the art of storytelling. Here’s how you can craft a grant proposal that resonates with grant funders and increases your chances of securing funding.

Win More Grants By Understanding Your Funder

Having a deep understanding of funder dynamics can make or break a grant application. In this article, we explore why it is crucial for grantseekers to understand funder’s stated and unstated priorities and concerns, so you can appeal to their heads and heart – and how grantseekers can achieve this understanding.

The Key To Winning Grants: Compliant, Competitive Grant Writing

Our most important tip for grant writers and grant-seekers to know is at the heart of every successful grant application. It’s ever-so-simple, yet so often the reason why grant applications fail. Find out why compliance and competitiveness are key to winning grants.