How we work to assist various industries across the country

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

The Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing industry manage our natural resources. This sector is diverse and ever-changing. It is a niche market to break into. ProposalPro understands that your tender proposal must address environmental impacts, new technology and digital solutions. We listen to you and take on board your company's differentiators and value-adds to prepare a clear and compelling tender submission that is 100% compliant.


Cleaning Janitorial and Security

Due to the pandemic, this industry has received a big increase in demand and exposure. Contracts in this service sector are highly competitive and your business typically falls within a saturated market. It is important to get the right support in your tender to help your business stand out from the pack. ProposalPro has helped our clients in cleaning, janitorial and security sectors build on their company foundations and create compelling, winning tenders that align to industry standards and Government regulations.

Education and Training

Education and Training have received a big boost with government funding for many services. Our experience and understanding of this industry mean we can support your company with strategic planning and help guide you through the many Government regulations and policies you need to conform with for a compliant bid. This has enabled us to lead our clients through complex tender questions and create winning submissions, leaving our clients with more robust procedures and policies to bring with them for future business development.


The manufacturing industry is changing. Roles are shifting as automation and robotics become more prominent and companies prioritise carbon neutrality. Engaging with a team that can provide advice and innovations to compliment your company's policies and core business is important. ProposalPro has over 20 years of experience in tendering to this industry, and we keep up with changing roles, responsibilities and expectations.

Trades and Utilities

The Trades and Utilities sector is made up of many industries. The electrical industry includes electricity generation, retail, and service providers; gas services and water services, including plumbing. The Trades and Utilities sector is highly competitive when it comes to tendering. The challenge is finding your 'value-add'. The ProposalPro team gets together to develop differentiators that will set your company apart to enhance your tender and make you stand out from the rest.

Civil | Construction | Engineering

Despite the effects of the pandemic over the last two years, this industry is Australia's third-largest and continues to grow. Contracts in the Civil Industry sector are very competitive. ProposalPro looks for ways to give you the winning edge and make your tender submission stand out from the rest. With our understanding and extensive experience in winning contracts in this area, we can provide advice on safety, health, and environmental procedures and develop solid management plans to get your tender across the line.


Bidding in the Defence sector differs from that of the commercial. The Defence Managing Contractor form of delivery is a two-phase contract comprising the Planning and Delivery Phases. This form of delivery is a collaboration between Defence Project Management/Contract Administration (PMCA) and the Managing Contractor; they are buying your expertise to find optimum solutions to their project issues and needs. ProposalPro has a proven team of experts with Defence experience who can support, guide and advise you throughout the process of preparing a tender to the Department of Defence.

Mining and Resources

As this sector thrives, so does the rest of Australia. Mining and Resources have the highest proportion of Indigenous people working for it than any other industry. Writing a compelling submission for this section requires a unique understanding of the mining environment, health and safety environment and heritage payment systems. We develop plans and procedures supporting our clients' Indigenous engagement obligations. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, our input is invaluable.

Health Care and Social Assistance

This is Australia's largest and fastest-growing industry employing over 1.5 million people. ProposalPro will spend time with your team to fully understand your company and its unique value, enabling us to prepare tenders that are both compliant with industry standards and highly competitive, enabling your business to stand out from your competitors.

Facilities Management, Food Services and Security Industries

Our experience in these diverse industries means we are ready to prepare policies, plans and procedures quickly, saving you time and money. Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation, our team can support and write a submission that showcases your company's capabilities.