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“If you’re confused about what to do, it’s a sign that your enemy is winning.”
Toba Beta

ProposalPro are passionate about winning contracts through our proposal and
tender strategies. timeWe love the thrill of pitching a bid which will position your organisation to win.

Since 2008 we have supported organisations to submit tenders and grant applications with a total value of over $53 million, achieving an 82% success rate and securing 95% of all the funds bid for (in some cases more than budget!).

We will help your business win business. We understand you are in business you are because of a devotion to your profession; however you may not know how to successfully convey this into words or how to persuade a proponent to choose your bid.

Reduce the cost of employing a fulltime bid manager and increase your
chance of winning. ProposalPro manages the entire proposal process,
keeping it compliant and compelling by:

  • developing tender content
  • liaising with stakeholders
  • coordinating and facilitating team communications
  • producing professional graphics to support your submission
  • developing style templates, or working to existing company standards

ProposalPro develops highly competitive, professional proposals that maximise
your chance of success. Whatever your business – and whatever the nature of
your bid – ProposalPro means you can be confident you’ve lodged a competitive
document without diverting resources from your day-to-day business.

Email your tender for an obligation-free quote!