Bid | Tender Compliance and Strategic Review

Tenders are evaluated for compliance first and foremost.

Before assessing the competitiveness of a tender, evaluators will look at eligibility. If your tender document fails to fulfill all eligilbility criteria, it will generally be deemed non-compliant and removed from consideration.

ProposalPro provides a 'second pair of eyes' before submission, assessing your tender against the compliance criteria stated in the request or invitation documents, identifying any non-compliance.

We also identify strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solutions, making strategic recommendations to enhance the competitiveness of your submission.

Trust in ProposalPro's Tender Compliance and Strategic Review Services

Each tender will initially be assessed to determine if it complies with all requirements of the tender document, including compliance with mandatory requirements and terms and conditions. It's all-too-easy to miss something large or small that can pull your bid out of the running.

The buyer needs to be convinced that your policies, procedures and management plans comply with legislation and support the delivery of the scope of work and responsibilities, particularly in the public sector.

Our tender compliance review process will help you fill any gaps, covering all content and ensuring correct and up-to-date policies and procedures are presented with your bid.

Our tender strategic review process will support you to increase competitiveness of your tender, by making strategic recommendations on best-practice and identifying where there may be room for improvement.

"We engaged ProposalPro for a tender review of an EOI for a government tender. I love the way Roz's mind works, she was a real pleasure to work with!

It's always great to have a second pair of eyes, and she helped us to do the best job of sharing our unique story, our community's strengths and solutions, and the importance of what we do and how we do it.

We would work with her again in a heartbeat!"

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