Tender Recovery 24|7|365

Late is not great, but it happens.

When your plan to get the tender in on time unravels, ProposalPro can help you manage the unexpected with our bid recovery service.

ProposalPro Can Assist with Your Tender Recovery

Tendering is a highly deadline-driven field, with late or incomplete tender responses usually excluded from consideration. A submission that is 95% complete, five minutes late or missing a compulsory item will often be rejected outright. This represents significant wasted resources, and can be very demoralising for your team.

Bid evaluators can only go on what you have presented in your bid. They generally will not take into account any other information about your organisation. You should not take anything for granted.

Call us if you have underestimated the resources needed to finish on time, received a magnitude of addendums, or feel unsure if you will meet the requirements altogether. We can offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Your executive summary is the most important part of your bid. But are you getting it right?

Experts agree that executive summaries are the most important part of your bid. They’re the most widely read, and offer you a opportunity to showcase your unique value proposition; convince the tender evaluator(s) to recommend you; and make it easier for them to justify that decision.
And yet, so many executive summaries are haphazardly thrown together at the end of a bidding process.
Here’s how to do better, avoid common preventable mistakes, and write an executive summary that gets results.

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Top 5 Tips for Better Tendering

Tendering (when done well) is a cornerstone of business growth; it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Learn how to reduce tendering headaches with ProposalPro!

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