ProposalPro has reached the Top 20 globally for our tendering insight!

ProposalPro are delighted to announce that we have reached position #20 in Feedspot’s top 40 tender blogs and websites globally, joining some of the best in our profession internationally. We’re always delighted to share our specialist insights on tendering and bids with our readers, supporting them to grow their business strategically and sustainably by winning more work.

From businesses that are new to tendering and seek advice and support to gain confidence, learn about how to win work, and grow; to bid practitioners looking to boost their capabilities and improve their win rates – we’ll continue to share knowledge gained from our team’s cumulative quarter-century of experience and expertise in tender & bid writing, bid management, grant preparation and more.

Supporting best-practice tenders and bids
Bid writing and management are very specialist fields of expertise, working in a competitive area where only the best bid will win, and second-best can be a costly loss. Bidding is often treated as an an ad-hoc activity, resulting in applicants submitting bids that are often last-minute and only just tick the eligibility boxes, but don’t get results. 

That’s why it’s important to work with, and learn from, bidding professionals that are firmly grounded in APMP best-practice.

ProposalPro is one of very few tender consultancies in Perth to have APMP-accredited staff, with our owner & principal consultant Roz Misiani holding coveted Certified Practitioner status. #ProudToBeAPMP 

APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry-recognised certification program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating bid & proposal management competency. The APMP is at the forefront of international best-practice in proposal management, supporting proposal professionals to maximise the effectiveness of their work and their win rates. 

That means our clients can rest assured their proposals are being prepared by highly committed, experienced and knowledgeable specialists in their field. 

290+ clients and counting 
Here at ProposalPro, we work with a diverse range of clients, supporting them to win contracts large and small, representing over $10 billion in total value. From highly experienced ASX-listed companies bidding on contracts in the dozens (or even hundreds) of millions, to microbusinesses and SMEs that are brand-new to tendering, we’ve helped over 290 clients to bid better. 

Sharing tendering, bidding and grants knowledge – for all businesses and organisations 
ProposalPro are not only experts in the field of bid & proposal management – we are also committed to sharing our knowledge of best practices in that field. We come across so many businesses and organisations that experience ‘bidding headaches’, and we’d like to make things easier and grow your confidence. In particular, we’ve talked to many businesses and organisations who are considering bidding or new to bidding, but are reluctant to put their hat in the ring because: 

• “It’s such a complicated field and I don’t know how to get started, or who to work with”.  

• “I’ve applied for tenders before but I’ve lost – something just isn’t working” ·      

• “Tender and grant deadlines are so short, and there’s so much to do” ·       

• “I spent so much time on that tender response, just to get rejected on a tiny technicality!” 

For our larger and more experienced clients dealing with lengthy and complex bids, we often hear that they’re confident in bidding, but struggling with deadlines given their in-house resources; we’re proud to have provided comprehensive bid management and on-site tender consultancy services to large Australian companies across many industries, as well as joining their tender teams as additional resources. 

If the challenges of submitting on-time, compliant and competitive bids resonates with you, keep an eye on our blog – we have plenty of great content already, and much more in the pipeline to help you understand more about bidding, who to work with and how to get it right. 

Fostering multidisciplinary proposal professionals 

If you’re new to the world of bidding, proposals, grants and tenders, it’s important to have access to high-quality, proven know-how. Our work is never static – it’s emerging, complex, and multi-disciplinary. That means the best bid managers are open to learning from a diverse range of skillsets – from marketing to project & task management, graphic design and even systems engineering! 

As well as sharing APMP best practice, and our knowledge grounded in 25+ years of cumulative team experience, you’ll find specific insights on how to address thorny qualitative criteria, how to handle the unexpected and how to do your work even better. 

Need support with bids, tenders, proposals or grants? Get in touch with us, upload your tender for a free quote, or call us for a chat on 1300 625 699

Here’s to your (robust, strategic and sustainable) growth in FY2024!

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