Bid management + onsite team

For larger, more complex bids, you may require the support of an onsite consultancy team.

Our onsite placement services ensure you receive reliable, comprehensive bid management and tender support, tailored for your business.

The ProposalPro team is an autonomous, self-sufficient team that will function optimally. We will consult with you on the size and complexity of the bid and suggest support requirements which may comprise of a Bid Manager, Technical Writers, Graphic Designer and/or a Bid Coordinator.

Working quietly and efficiently, we don't take up much space and we're awesome at fitting in with your company's work environment.

Our clients find that having ProposalPro's bid team close by:

  • keeps everyone on track
  • maintains accountability
  • increases motivation
  • adds to a positive and fun environment
  • provides critical support to the team that comes with the stress of bidding on complex tenders
  • supports upskilling during the bid phase
  • creates a winning ethos and fosters better working relationships.