Bid | Proposal Writing Service

We know what it takes.

Knowing what it takes to win is a science. Planning and strategy are essential activities, in addition to the best-practice preparation of the tender deliverables.

ProposalPro provides:

  • writers guides
  • tender strategies
  • competitor analysis
  • tender allocation plans
  • win themes and bidding strategies

Capture planning
During the capture planning process, we will identify opportunities, assess the environment, and implement winning strategies to capture a business opportunity. The aim is to position the buyer to prefer your organisation and your solution to alternative solutions before submitting your tender.

An effective plan to execute the bid could mean the difference between winning and losing a large contract.

From kick-off to proof of delivery, we cover it all! We manage the whole process while liaising with you, allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business.

Compliance and responsiveness
This service encompasses preparation and strategic planning, team coordination and communication, research and stakeholder liaison. Many organisations, including Government agencies, assess tenders based on 'value for money'. Of course, price is an area of evaluation, but this does not necessarily mean that the lowest price will win the tender.

Compliance is critical. Beyond this is responsiveness. Responsive proposals address your buyer's stated and unstated goals, concerns, key issues and values. There are many things to consider as part of your responsiveness, including:
  • capability
  • creating strategic partnerships
  • energy conservation
  • fit for purpose
  • indigenous engagement
  • maintenance and running costs
  • payments terms
  • quality, environmental and safety considerations
  • risk mitigation strategies
  • through life support
  • warranty
  • wider benefits to the customer