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When your plan to get the tender in on time goes beyond reasonable ProposalPro can help with our Rapid Response service.

Late is not great, but it happens. We understand what is feels like to know you can undertake the scope of work, but not the tender submission.

Developing a tender will cost money and use valuable resources and leaving the development of your tender to the later stages can have serious consequences on your ability to meet the deadline.

Late or incomplete tender responses are usually excluded from consideration.

Remember, the bid evaluators can only go on what you have put in your bid. They cannot take account of any other information about your organisation. You must not take anything for granted.

If you have under estimated the resources needed to finish ontime, received a magnitude of addendums or feel unsure if you will meet requirements all together, call us. We will support you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.